The FIRST HOUR of Where’s Westie…
is dedicated to NEW and INSPIRING music that you probably haven’t heard before.
This is not just music that “champions want to dance to at late-night that regular social dancers will hate or be bored with.”
Oh no. This part of Where’s Westie is here for 3 reasons.

  1. There’s lots of good music being played for WCS, but there is a lot of stagnant music too. So bring your iPhones and Droids so you can Shazam everything, and tell your friends what new songs you liked, so THEY can dance to them too! (Podcasts are coming soon)
  2. We hate that dancers don’t show up to the first part of the dance. There. We’ve said it. So get to our dance early to hear the new jams!
  3. The longer you’re at the venue the more you’re going to drink. And let’s face it – buying booze at the bar is what keeps the venues alive, happy, and wanting us to have Where’s Westie at their club over and over again.

The SECOND HOUR of Where’s Westie…
is made up of the best current West Coast Swing tunes, both contemporary and bluesy.
Because this is the tried and true music that makes us feel comfortable, safe, and happy.

The THIRD+ HOUR of Where’s Westie…
is all about Soul, Funk, and MoTown. Shake your groove thing. Shake your groove thing. Yeah Yeah.
Because this is happy music. This is also the time for your fav-dance tune requests…and as long as they aren’t terrible, we’ll play them. Capiche?

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