Hello all!

This page is designed to allow a bit of a “talk back” with the community, where regulars & visitors of Where’s Westie dances can share their opinions of the recent nights, and also ask us questions if any arise.

Tell us what you think!
Doug & Pete

10 Responses to “Comments and Feedback”

  1. Hello All!
    You can post feedback, comments, testimonials, or whatever here.
    Using the comment fields at the bottom of the page.

  2. Mimi said

    Fabulous as always! Thank you, Pete and Doug, for hosting this venue. We especially appreciate the introduction to new music! We’ll see you again next month and bring more friends!

  3. ADT said

    e3rd Lounge was awesome. Food was great and the music was fantastic.

    Doug and Pete you guys are bringing the fun back to Swing. Keep up the fun…

    Attention Attention:

    COME TO THE NEXT WHERE’s WESTIE. It is the best place to hear some new and different music to dance to. Some really awesome dancers come out as well which always makes for a fun night.

    Congrats to Rach and Jack…

    n dat’s all i have 2 say bout dat…..

  4. miki holiver said

    Looks like I will be able to make Granada this Saturday. I have not been to WW since its debut at Skinny’s. Is there a V.I.P. list for Saturday?….Miki

    • The VIP for the WW#5 / Brother Yusef LIVE! is based off our VIP cards if you’ve got one and OCWCSDC membership cards. 🙂
      It’s $7 with VIP and still only $10 without. Classes cost $5 extra. Hope to see you there!

  5. Kathy Gann said

    What time does Where’s Westie start on Monday at the Ford Amphitheater?

    • Doors open at 6:45 PM, Kathy! It’s an “earlier” Monday night than usual for dancers. Class is 7-7:30 PM and dancing at the Ford goes til 10 PM. Then it’s on to the afterparty at Spot 5750 in Hollywood til 1:30 am!

  6. Kathy Gann said

    Never mind, you just answered on your podcast

  7. Dave said

    What is the cost to attend/participate in your event?
    I need that in order to post on the USA Dance online Dance Calendar.
    Dave Pierce

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