Welcome to Doug Silton’s Annual Birthday Bash / Where’s Westie #17!

First of all – this is a FREE SOCIAL DANCE EXTRAVAGANZA.

Our max capacity is 350 dancers and we’ll hit that. 🙂

For this year’s event, we have Friday Kind of Love playing 3 sets for us. FKoL is a brilliant Motown, Soul, Funk, and Dowop band. Their BPMs have been tailored for swing dancers, ranging from 90 – 125 beats per minute.

All ages are welcome. There is a full bar so you can drink to your heart’s content.

The lodge has 2 parking lots plus plenty of free parking.

Cover Charge? Nope. Never for Doug’s birthday.

Dress Code? As you like it.

Hosted by:
Doug Silton, Pete Green, and Shaheed Qaasim.

DJs & Emcees: Pete Green & Jack Smith

Special thanks to Jack Smith / OCWCSDC for providing our sound equipment.