June Podcast is Here

June 24, 2011

June is here!
That means a new podcast installment from Doug & Pete (or is it Pete & Doug?).
This 9th podcast episode piggy backs off of the Bluesy inspiration that Brother Yusef gives us, and we’ve filled this puppy up some of the more obscure blues and soul music we’ve happened across during our musical searching.
So get your triplesteps ready and your rhythms-a-poppin, cuz here we goooooooo!
Sorry, no hiphop/R&B this time. You’ll have to actually come to a Where’sWestie to hear some of the latest jams we’ve been accumulating for your dancing pleasure.
So have a blast listening to Pete and Doug having a blast. and get your jams.
Click here to go listen!

Poug & Dete.

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