Cinco de Podcasto! Escuchen!

February 9, 2011

Hola Podcasterinos!

Time for another farm-fresh, USDA organic, free-range, Libbat Kosher podcast from Doug and Pete of Where’s Westie!

Go check out our podcast page an have a listen to this new WW5 poddy (that’s short for podcast, get it?)

And if it’s before Where’s Westie #5 on February 12th, 2011 — Come on out and join us for WW Five – Featuring Brother Yusef ! LIVE ! (see post below this one)

Rock out to this poddy for many minutes, or hours, or even years to come. Only if you download it, and don’t lose it, and keep tractor of it. got it? no?  listen to the ‘cast then you will.

The Poddy is Free of charge, as always: It follows form of typical WW musical genre versatility: New Jam City, All Jacked Up, and some other Soulful Jams — Can ya dig?

Join us for this podcast, and Join us at the next Where’s Westie too! If you like either – Let us know on our Comments Page.

Please enjoy this show. Or Else.


Pete (Truth) & Doug (Respect)

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