WW 5 — the Music is LIVE — Workshops!

February 2, 2011

Sound the alarm… and Mark your Calendars if you haven’t already!!!
THEN get ready to come out to an awesome DAY of dancing at Where’s Westie!

Westie will be at the Granada — and this time it’s extra specialer-er.

But Pete and Doug; What’s so special about going back to the Granada?

For starters, we’ll be in the beautiful DOWNSTAIRS ballroom which has one of the best dance floors around.
Great drinks and delicious food. and yep… still All AGES.

OHHH, and lets not leave out that we have BROTHER YUSEF coming to play some super amazing bluesy music to dance to.

Cherry on top: Doug and Pete will be teaching a beginning WCS workshop, and an Intermediate WCS workshop prior to the dance and will be themed in honor of Valentine’s day. Can anybody say Cuddle variations? Maybe that sounds weird written out.

Did we say BROTHER YUSEF is playing LIVE yet?? man, that’s going to be awesome!

Here’s what you need to know to get there:

  • Where’s Westie #5 – Saturday Afternoon, February 12th, 2011
  • Where?  The Granada in Alhambra (17 South First St., Alhambra, Ca)
  • What?    Afternoon dance, WCS dancing to LIVE music, and Pete & Doug’s WW tunes as well.
  • Time?     Workshops: Noon – 1pm.  Dance: 1pm – 4:30pm
  • Cover?   Workshop: $5              Dance: $7 with VIP Discount ; $10 without VIP discount
  • Valentine’s Day: We’ll be giving out special colored wristbands for single dancers attending.
  • Additional Info: The Granada is very close to some $15/hr “foot spa” massage spots that are a nice way to spend an hour. specially after dancing on those feet for a few hours!
    SOOOOOooo …     After dancing at WW5 — treat yourself to a relaxing massage!

See you there.


Pete & Doug

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