Huge Thanks & WW Podcast #4

January 19, 2011

Want to send out a HUGE thank you to all who came out to the WW4 at E3rd on January 11, 2011!
The dancers brought a great energy to the room there — eating the amazing food, drinking the good drinks, having a good time, dancing to rad music, watching funny videos on the screens, and shakin’ some groove thangs.
We had a blast, and hope you did too! We’ll get the photos from the night up soon.

In the meantime……Shhhh… Hear That?


Where’sWestie Podcast #4 is among us, and it is RED HOT & Sizzlin!
BE sure to give a listen to this latest-episode from Doug and Pete….. and Jack. What?
Jack… What???
That’s right.  This time around we’ve invited the now-engaged (Congrats to you and Rachel!!) Master DJ Jack Smith to the Where’s Westie studio for a special Podcast filled with fun and hilarity.

Join us — as we learn more about Jack Smith and his own favorite songs to dance to and DJ.
And also, as usual we slap down some pretty bangin tunes to thrash to. I mean WCS dance to.

So sit back or grab your favorite dance partner, listen up, and enjoy the show. Droid.

Where’s Westie Podcast #4

Doug & Pete

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